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Jungle Road near Colombo

30.5 x 22.5 cm

Morris E. Cohen

Morris Edwin Cohen (1866-1931) was an Australian caricaturist and illustrator. Born in Ballarat, Victoria, Cohen’s family later moved to Melbourne where he exhibited with the Victorian Artists’ Society in 1889, 1892 and 1900. Cohen was a childhood friend of David Davies, a member of the Heidelberg School, the first significant Western art movement in Australia. A self-taught painter, Cohen was a very capable caricaturist who illustrated and wrote travel articles for commercial travel magazines. Though never a full-time artist, Cohen was a part of the thriving Melbourne art scene. He painted mostly in pastels and went out sketching every weekend around Melbourne. He also travelled extensively and painted in Egypt, Palestine, Spain, Italy, and France. He visited Ceylon in the 1920s. Cohen drowned while swimming in Tasmania in 1931.