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About Us

Travelers have always been fascinated by Ceylon. From Ibn Batuta to Marco Polo to Mark Twain, almost every visitor to this little island has waxed poetic about its charms. Art Ceylon is a collection of paintings done mostly by foreign artists who visited Ceylon. The collection stretches from the 1600s to 2000. In addition, all the important Sri Lankan artists are featured as well. There are around 80 artists and every time we acquire a new work, we will add it to the website. Go check out the featured artists, read about their lives and admire their view point of our beautiful island. Enjoy your visit to our website!

We are working on a book that will feature more than 325 foreign artists who visited and painted Ceylon/Sri Lanka. This two volume coffee table book will no doubt be the most comprehensive book on Ceylon art. We hope to launch the book by the end of 2017. If you are interested in preordering a copy, please drop us an email.