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Ganeshism II

42 x 56 cm
Signed, 1960s

Chanmugam, Mahen

Mahen Chanmugam (born 1964) is a Sri Lankan artist. He has been painting for over thirty-five years and has devoted the last eighteen years to portraying Lord Ganesh. His paintings attempt to present, not only the symbolism and iconography surrounding Lord Ganesh, but also the artist's view of the powerful energies that Lord Ganesh represents. In 1994, while working and living in Singapore, Mahen began a study of the iconography and symbolism of Lord Ganesh. He started exploring the classic forms, postures and the iconographic principles of perfect poise within the 32 forms Lord Ganesh appears in and translated these into contemporary representations.

Mahen has worked with all types of media, having mastered, then abandoned, oil painting and airbrush illustration for the translucent brilliance of acrylic. He now works on materials as varied as canvas, wood, glass and mirror and sometimes, even on rice bags and other industrial packing material. He has had five solo exhibitions of his paintings of Lord Ganesh in Singapore and Sri Lanka.