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Ceylon Landscape

25 x 34 cm
Oil on canvas
Signed. Circa 1948

Donald Henry Floyd

Donald Henry Floyd (1892–1965) was an English painter. A successful artist who was exhibiting at the age of twenty, Floyd was working as a teacher when WWI started. He served as a private in Palestine, Egypt and India where he was tasked to sketch enemy positions. After the war he married a fellow teacher and moved to South Wales where he became well-known for his landscapes of the Wye Valley. 16 of Floyd's paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy and he was regular exhibiter at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and the Royal West of England Academy. In 1948, the Government of Ceylon commissioned Floyd to paint a series of art works to mark its new independence. Despite losing his right arm to illness and having to learn to paint with his left hand, Floyd produced 68 paintings of the island.