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Self Mortification of Gautama

Height 35 cm
Bronze on a wood plinth

Tissa Ranasinghe

Tissa Ranasinghe (born 1925) is a Sri Lankan artist known for his work in bronze. Hailing from the village of Yogiyana, he studied at the College of Fine Arts, Colombo. After earning a diploma in 1952 he continued his studies at the Chelsea School of Art and then the Royal College of Art where he received a certificate in bronze casting.

Ranasinghe has exhibited in a number of important shows worldwide and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the first UNESCO Fellowship awarded to a Sri Lankan. He served as a visiting lecturer at the College of Fine Arts and became the Principal of the Government College of Art and Art Crafts in 1970. Critics have praised Ranasinghe as having a style of sculpture equivalent to Alberto Giacometti, with works that draw on ancient religion and mythology.