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Palmyra Palms, Ceylon

17.15 x 24.75 cm
Signed, circa 1888

Ernst Friedrich Heyn

Ernst Friedrich Heyn (1841-1894) was a German artist. Heyn studied at the Leipziger Akademie and specialized in landscapes. However, he later received much acclaim for his superb botanical drawings. When Anton Kerner Ritter von Marilaun wrote ‘Pflanzenleben’, his monumental work on botany, he used a number of Austrian and German artists whose work was made into wood-engravings. Though Heyn never visited Ceylon, he assisted with the preparation of lithographs from illustrations and paintings done by artists such as Joseph Selleny who had visited and sketched in Ceylon. Heyn also illustrated and produced 117 copper engravings for Emil Adolf Rossmassler’s ‘Der Wald’ in 1863.