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An Evening Stroll

8.5 x 14.5 cm
Signed and dated, 1922

A.C.G.S. Amarasekara

Abraham Christopher Gregory Suriarachchi Amarasekara (1883-1983) was a Sri Lankan artist, teacher and amateur magician. The son of a scholarly minister of the Church, he attended Prince of Wales College and St. Thomas’ College where his talent for painting was discovered. Amarasekara first exhibited at the Ceylon Society of Arts Annual Exhibition in 1903 where one of his paintings won the first prize. He also became interested in magic while at St. Thomas’ College. In 1907, he joined the staff of St. Joseph’s College and later Ladies College as an Art Master. Thereafter, he was appointed the Head of the Art Division of the Technical College. Such was his reputation that every important person in Government and commerce of Ceylon had to have their portraits done by him.

Amarasekara also exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Institute of Water-Colour Painters and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. He was awarded the Fellowship of the British Empire in 1924. He was awarded an OBE by King George VI in 1940 and was appointed Gate Mudaliyar in 1952. He became the President of the Ceylon Society of Arts in 1959. A gifted amateur magician, Amarasekara was the Founder President of the Ceylon Association of Magicians, a position he held until his death in 1983.